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New Delhi - Architecture

Culture, art, fashion, and tourism

New Delhi India’s capital and so enriched with culture, art, fashion, finance, media and tourism. It so large in size and populated with 11 million that it’s split into six regions. Each region unique and with it’s own list of must sees. So here are the ones that top the list. New Delhi - Architecture The Red Fort also known as…

Vancouver, BC

New Delhi, multicultural fusion

The best of India

New Delhi is the capital of India. The foundation stone of the city was laid in 1911. If you are really interested in art and history, you should definitely visit the National Museum. You will find an impressive quantity of over 200,000 individual pieces of art! Mahatma Gandhi is the most famous person in India. He was the founding father of…

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Swaying palms and sparkling waters

Tiny Goa, glorious slice of India

The charmest place on the indian coast, Goa is a dream travel not only for hippies, but for any kind of traveller that likes sunny beaches and local vibes. A blend of west and east, it is a former Portuguese colony with rich history, beautiful architecture and delicious mix of culinaries, offering a very original and unique India to whoever dares…

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Vibrant melting pot, India

Delhi, multidimensional metropolis

We are living in the world, where peace seems a luxury that not anyone can afford, Asia is a perfect destination to find that luxury, ancient spirits, rules of Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity fulfill each other, there is no such a thing as fighting or judging, each chooses what to follow, who to be. India is a place, where most wouldnt go,…

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Glittering gems of Delhi

Vibrant melting pot and imperial capital of India

There are thousands of beautiful places on the planet, luxury, expensive and simply amazing, and there are those , that promises less comfort but priceless mental relax and a very rich lifetime experience, such as Delhi, which might seem shocking for the first time visitor, a crush of mechanical and human traffic...Delhi is not the most organized…

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City of Joy

Kolkata, structures of the goddess

Also called the City of Joy, Kolkata is the main commercial, educational and cultural centre of East India. It is the third most populous metropolitan area in that country, and has been facing an economic stagnation since the end of British Empire in India, in 1947. Known for its dirty streets, bad smell and waves of beggars, Kolkata could be an…

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Girl about the Globe

Solo Woman Traveller Column

Going solo but need a helping hand? Girl about the Globe is a brand new website designed especially for you - the solo female traveller. We're celebrating the increase in women travelling alone and those seeking more meaningful experiences to gain a better understanding of the world as they travel. Use for pre-planning your trip, for tips and…

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India in microcosm

Mumbai, city of contrasts

If June is the month in most of the world, that sun is shining bright and summer has started, for India is a month of rainy showers...but it doesn't mean to be less pleasant. As someone told me, it's called romantic rain in there, these are not those annoying days, that its cold and raining non stop with all grey around, it's warm and romantic…


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