Zostel Manali

Manu Temple Road, Old Manali, Manali

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Zostel Manali


Overview of Hostel

Zostel Manali is set amidst panoramic Himalayan views, apple orchards and a gorgeous garden cafe - at the unbeatable location of Old Manali.

Zostel Manali is located right in the heart of Old Manali, the hub of backpackers. In search of peace and breathtaking views of the mountains, we went off-r

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Located in Old Manali, which is at a distance of 3kms from the very popular Manali Town, Zostel Manali can be reached easily by road by taking in a taxi or a tuk-tuk from Manali.

Upon reaching Old Manali, at the main Old Manali Road, also known as Manu Temple Road, the property is 200m away from the extremely popular Drifters' cafe. Those traveling by private vehicles can park their cars too at the parking close to the cafe. We would be absolutely glad to guide you from the same place, so don't hesitate in giving us a call.

Or even simply, take the right lane down next to cafe Bean and Gone and in 200m which would include passing by a volleyball court and village scenes, you'll reach us - Zostel Manali..

Located near

Just a short walk away from the Ancient Manu Temple, the location couldn't get any better. Providing the exact mixture of cultural civilization and serenity. Luxury Private Rooms with outstanding views, Spacious Mixed and Female Dorms and of course a Garden Cafe, the property stands out on its' own. Old Manali- situated just at a distance from the very popular Manali Town, the place is an absolute delight to visit. Call it a right mix probably. The location is an absolute travelers' heaven.

Conditions & Policy

Age Restriction

* In case of a group of 4 or more, you would be purposefully allotted different dorm rooms. * We strictly DO NOT allow a group stay of more than 8 people at any of our hostels. * If the group behaviour at the behaviour is seen as a hindrance to the property environment, seen as a disturbance to others staying at the hostel, or create troubles in the management functioning, the Zostel Property Manager, upon subjective evaluation, retains the full right to take required action which may also result in an on-spot cancellation (without refunds). * Zostel reserves the right to admission. * Children below 18 years (whether accompanied or unaccompanied by a guardian) are not allowed in Zostel. * We do not recommend our hostels to families. * Please carry a valid Govt Photo ID card for verifying the reservation. (PAN Card is not accepted as a valid ID) * You are required to make a 100% pre-payment at the time of your check-in. * Cancellations would only be entertained 72 hours prior to the standard check-in time. * Lockers for your valuables are available in each dorm room, however the hostel will not be held responsible for any lost/stolen/damaged luggage. * Non-resident guests are not allowed inside the property. * Local residents/guests carrying a local ID would not be allowed to check in. * The standard check-in time is: 12pm; the standard check-out time is: 10am